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Rules & Conditions of membership

Every member must abide by these rules


Correct dojo etiquette must be observed at all times i.e. bowing upon entering and leaving the dojo.  Respect must be shown to the instructors visiting sensei and fellow members whatever grade they may be.


Smoking and eating is not permitted in the dojo.


Members should at all times make a personal effort to ensure their dogi is washed and pressed. Plain white t-shirts may be worn under dogi by female members only.


Rings, watches, necklaces and other personal adornments must be removed prior to each training session.


Members are urged to arrive at least ten minutes before the training session begins, allowing time to change.  However, members who do arrive late should wait at the side seated in seiza until being allowed to join the class. 


Any member found using unnecessary violence or excessive bad language towards another club member or to be of unsuitable character and therefore likely to bring dishonour to the principles and ideals of martial arts shall have their membership terminated.


Finger nails and toe nails must be cut regularly and kept short to prevent injury to other members.


Mobile telephones must be turned off/airplane mode before entering the dojo.


Articles of value should not be left in the changing rooms as the instructors and secretary cannot be held responsible for articles which are lost, damaged or stolen.


Members train at their own risk.  The instructor and secretary will not accept liability for any injuries incurred whilst training.


Any member who does not attend at least ¾ of their training sessions at their regular dojo will not be allowed to grade.

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