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New Members only. Age 18+ only (we are predominantly an adult club). This offer can be used once! All beginners welcome! CV19: Whilst we are following government rules...
TRIAL SESSION - 50% OFF (Age 18+)
1 hr 30 min


All welcome!

We are a warm, friendly and successful adult-only central London-based karate organisation that welcomes students of all abilities.


We come together as a network of friendly, like-minded people for whom Karate and the community has been life-enhancing.


Our mission is to empower every individual to lead a more confident and enhanced life. Everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered.

About Us


At SHINBOKU, we understand and encourage all aspects of traditional and modern Karate. Whilst the practice of karate must be aesthetic, it must also have ‘meaning‘. In other words, it must have the priority of having ‘impactive effect‘ – it must work.


Our approach is based on Karate at the heart, appreciating the great foundation it has given us, and on which, we build our own unique self-defence and combat systems to cater for all levels & interests. 


It is no surprise that our curriculum extensively covers the following combative methods; striking techniques, grappling, joint locks, pressure points, chokes & strangles, throws & takedowns, ground fighting techniques, knives and other commonly used weapons. 


Our lessons are useful, fun and taught by experts.

Our Program







Integral to the SHINBOKU syllabus to form a martial art that is highly effective 'on the street'. 




We compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

European and World champion seminars are hosted each year.





Incorporated throughout our syllabus.

No-nonsense, effective techniques for defending yourself from a violent and untrained attacker.


Times & Locations


Our main dojo is located in LSBU Active Sports Centre, 116 London Road, Elephant & Castle. 

All levels are welcomed. 

Shinboku also delivers instruction at the KCL Dojos below which are open to all members. Pre-booking closes 12 hours before, however, you are welcome to attend and pay as you go. 


Home Dojo

Times (Studio Room 1):

  • Tuesdays 8-9.30PM

  • Thursdays 7-8.30PM

  • Saturdays 11-12.30pm


Open to all members

Age 18+

All beginners welcome

From as little as:



KCL Guys Campus

KCLSU@Guys, London (click for map)

Guy's Campus, King's College, SE1 9RT

Times Vary


Open to KCL members only, Age 18+

All beginners welcome




Meet OUR Instructors

SHINBOKU strives to provide the highest level of martial arts instruction.  All of our instructors have developed their martial arts ability through years of training and tuition.  In addition to karate experience, our instructors have training in grappling and throwing techniques and are expert martial artists in their own right.  Many have competed at national and international levels. 


David McCormack

Chief Instructor - 4th Dan

With over 22 years’ experience teaching karate, David is our most experienced instructor. He has taught regularly at KCL and University of London, and has also taught a number of self-defence courses for police cadets, the women’s institute and local schools.


Philipp Lohrmann

3rd Dan

Philipp started training over 18 years ago, while at university in Germany and continued when moved to the UK and joined Shinboku while studying at KCL. His main interest is in self-defense applications, especially grappling and ground fighting.


Albert Lukaj

3rd Dan

Albert has been practicing karate for over 12 years. He enjoys encouraging students to “think outside the box” in fighting situations and endeavours to combat any sense of being ‘too small’ or ‘too weak’. Albert has also taught a number of self-defense courses for the Women’s Institute, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and BeActive.


Eyal-Ben David

3rd Dan

Eyal has been living & breathing karate since starting at age of 6. 14 years later, Eyal is a 3rd Dan black belt with an impressive portfolio of accomplishments within the martial art. Eyal is a medical student at St George's Medical School. He finds karate to provide the ultimate balance between work and fun.


Nikolay Gulko

2nd Dan

Nikolay first experienced karate in early childhood and carried on during his teens. He achieved 1st Dan while studying at Kings College London. Nikolay teaches regular classes at Kings college and Student central. He is interested in all aspects of karate but has particular enjoyment of ground work.


Bethan Tyler

1st Dan

While studying for Medicine at KCL, Bethan was introduced to K-FIT, a karate-inspired fitness class run by Shinboku, and was encouraged to try karate. She was hooked. A few years later, Bethan passed her 1st Dan. Bethan's predominant interest in karate is realistic applications; self-defence techniques and sports Karate. Bethan has represented KCL and Shinboku at Regional and National Competitions


Roberta Vullo

1st Dan

Roberta joined the Karate Club while studying at KCL. She immediately demonstrated she was hungry to learn and rapidly progressed through the ranks. Her passion & commitment took her all the way to successfully passing her 1st Dan. Roberta's predominant interest lies in Kata & its realistic applications. She has competed for KCL and Shinboku at Regional & National Competitions.


Owen Hewitson

1st Dan

Owen joined Shinboku as a complete beginner and through years of training, self-discipline and a mental resilience has earned him a black belt and ability to lead others. Owen pushes his body and fitness to his limits and is known by fellow instructors as the "terminator". He looks forward to teaching the next generation.


Moe Ono

1st Dan

Moe joined Shinboku as a 1st Dan while studying Physiotherapy at St. George's Medical School. She has shown great enthusiasm for our syllabus and way of teaching. Moe is a keen Sports Karate athlete, having competed at a both national and international stage, including representing England at European University Championships.


Headshot Alex H.jpg

Alex, Red Belt

I have trained at several different karate clubs in London and can genuinely say that Shinboku is the best. It combines great teaching with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for people at all levels. Beginners are always welcome and get integrated into the classes really well. It's accepted that people will progress at their own pace. We're really lucky to have several excellent black belts as teachers, all of whom have different specialties and teaching styles. Our club has a number of different locations and times so you can train as suits you. And it's very cheap! This club really is the best of the best

Headshot Alex H.jpg

Ahmed, Yellow Belt

The thing I learned from Shinboku is not to be scared, to try & move no matter what age you are. Before I started I was too worried to fall over and hurt myself but as I progressed, I began to feel comfortable and was able to do the thing that I thought I never could do. One of the things that makes Shinboku unique is that they don't teach you bad habits , and they help build your confidence, gradullay. This club teaches you to condition yourself mentally and physically so you're able to walk away with confidence. The other thing about this club it doesn’t just make you Strong and Healthy, but it also helps you deal with personal life such as work and how to be successful in your job or giving you advice when things dont turn out as you expect it. Karate is not a race and you learn at your own pace. My advice is keep trying and you eventually find the path to achieve your goal.

Headshot Alex H.jpg

Stefania, Yellow Belt

I started at karate Shinboku by chance after finding their website on internet. I found a very friendly group of people that have welcomed me since the very beginning. The instructors are very good at teaching the principles of karate and the whole discipline helps you boost your confidence and focus. Definitely good for me :)

Headshot Alex H.jpg

Anna, Yellow Belt

Before I joined Shinboku I had never done any martial arts in my life, and thought sports weren't really for me. But after the first class I was hooked - the instructors adapted their training to each individual's skill-set or experience, and created an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. After training for a few years I felt much stronger, capable, and confident, having learnt to push myself and perform in public. I had also grown to know the most amazing people in London - as likely to show you how to do a flying kick as challenge you to a game of beer pong!

Headshot Alex H.jpg

Lisi, Green Belt

The karate Shinboku club is a place for training hard and fun. You learn the traditional karate (kata, Kumite, Kihon and Bunkai), how to defend yourself (street safe), very important for everyone, especially girls and bonus you get to socialize with amazing people, from all kinds of backgrounds. You will sweat, get stronger, resilient and confident. The instructors are all well trained and they understand how to push you towards your full potential. Join the Shinboku family, it is more than just a Karate club, here you can get fit, healthy and also make friends for life!

Headshot Alex H.jpg

Misho, Red Belt

I joined Shinboku following a 14-year-long "karateless" period. I was instantly welcomed by an awesome group of dedicated, friendly and supportive people. The instructors, in particular, are simply outstanding in their teaching efforts, guidance and support. They are always committed and passionate and effectively complement each other. The other aspect that really makes Shinboku stand out as a club is the abundance of "topics" covered during the sessions - namely, traditional karate, but also self-defence, ground work, hanbo and other practical real-life applications. For me, personally, the karate sessions have been instrumental in catalysing the improvement of my self-discipline, focus and confidence as well as my physical and mental health. Join the Shinboku family and embark on a life-altering journey full of a variety of challenges and rewards and, of course, loads of great friends to share them with!




There is an annually recurring membership fee of £40, which also covers affiliation fee, insurance, and various other benefits.   

Payment can easily be made online.

There are THREE ways you can pay for lessons:


Pay on the day - £10


For those who want the freedom of paying as you go. Card payments are accepted in classes. No need to book!

Book online the day before - £9

For those who want the freedom of paying as you go & booking online by latest the day before. 

Pre-Paid Class Packages


For those who train regularly and want to benefit from regular savings. Valid at both KCL and LSBU, Elephant & Castle

First time?



Gradings are held every three months, and normally during March, June, September & December. Topics from the syllabus are assessed in a friendly and considerate manner.

Students are encouraged to grade every 3-6 months. As students become more proficient, the examinations reflect the enhanced level of skill required.  Below are a minimum set of standards that we adhere to...

For a complete set of standards, grading material and further info, click below.

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